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An update letter from Marie-Lucie Jeune, the onsite program coordinator for Nelly’s House received on February 7, 2010.


Our God reigns, He is on the throne! His will is the best even though we don’t always understand His ways.


As you know, on January 12th, Haiti suffered the most critical situation in its history, an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.3. Many families have been affected. The Port-au-Prince hospitals are crowded with wounded people of all kinds. They transport the wounded patients to several hospitals throughout the country. And like that Bonnefin hospital received around 300 patients. The patients came without anything, they have lost everything and they are desperate. Nelly’s house had started the canteen in Polycar/Bonnefin School just the day before the earthquake. And among the several needs of these patients is the food situation. Nelly‘s house quickly decided to use the food from Polycar/Bonnefin school to help these suffering people. It was not enough to feed all the patients but we were able to serve a hot meal to around 100 patients every day for several days. We believe that we made the right decision by helping these people.


As you are probably aware all the schools in Haiti have been close since January 13th. The director of the National Education for Southern Haiti has called to reopen the schools since February 1st but everybody is scared to send their kids to schools. The students are still home. The situation is very difficult. Many people have lost all their belongings and they are without food. Your gift will allow these patients to receive a hot meal a day. And if school should reopen the students would like to continue receiving one meal a day. So many students come to school without eating anything and they are not sure of eating when they get home after school. The need is greater after the earthquake. Please pray for the Haitian people as they face this terrible catastrophe.


We pray God to bless you for your care and your love to His children and the wounded people from the earthquake.

“…Man does not live by bread alone".

~ Luke 4:4

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